Top 6 Big Trends in Candle Packaging Boxes Industry

If you want to build the newest packaging for your items or check out the hottest new aesthetic trends, several industry experts have talked about the top product packaging ideas they like. The top candle box trends for 2023 are highlighted below, including gradients, odd typography, pack-Verisign, and environmentally-friendly packaging.

Here are some custom candle box trends you may use to promote your business. But be sure to customize the packaging while keeping your target market in mind.

Color Pops

Spray-mist color pops from Color Mists give plain white packaging new vitality. Color mists are a common design element on Instagram because they have a relaxing effect that causes you to halt mid-scroll. It’s challenging to envision how a designer may create this captivating and mystifying design impact for custom candle packaging. In Photoshop, adding noise and over-blurring the color pop could still be effective.

Faux 3D Deco

This cutting-edge pseudo-3D graphic artwork adds a stylish and contemporary touch to the wholesale candle boxes packaging. A guaranteed way to get clients’ attention and get them to stop what they’re doing is to play with illusion and depth. Because producing faux 3D is such a difficult effect, it’s a terrific design idea for more expensive tech products. It demonstrates to the customer that you are abreast of current fashions and technological advancements, which translates into “this product is worth the money.”


Gradients are a fairly common design element, showing up in everything from candle boxes to social media and web design. They’re a quick and effective way to add color and texture to a simple design for those looking to build a hip, original appearance. To give them an ethereal aspect, gradients, which mix two or more of the same or different hues, typically include mellow tones and experimental, rough textures. Gradients, whether bold and brilliant or gentle and subtle, can be utilized as a background, an accent, or to make any product stand out on the shelf.

Adaptive Packaging

As environmental issues continue to impact our planet and day-to-day living, companies and brands are attempting to make their products and packaging more sustainable and ecologically friendly. Innovative sustainable materials are great, but small businesses wanting to grow, scale, and improve brand recognition need help to afford them. Examples include personalized candle boxes made from mushrooms or edible packaging—the difficulties associated with sustainable packaging cause many small businesses to fail. More often than not, honesty and integrity win over customers over having the optimal eco-friendly bespoke candle packaging solution.


2023 is probably going to be a challenging year for the entire world. Therefore, the wholesale package design for candle boxes that promotes finding peace is appropriate and just what you need. When specific, complementary colors are chosen, basic language, straightforward typefaces, and promote easy reading, there is the first breath of relief. The rising popularity of the calming ASMR phenomena has inspired even packaging design. Glossy, smooth, or purposely textured packaging surfaces add a layer of tranquility to items.

Aesthetic Y2K

The mid-’90s cyberpunk look known as the Y2K style was popular from that year until 2005. Since the Y2K trend is usually viewed as a strange (but adorable) blip in fashion and design, it is significant. However, as all trends cycle out after 20 years, the early millennium trend for candle boxes is back with a vengeance.

The sweet irony that lends the goods a futuristic touch makes the Y2K comeback lovely. Additionally, it is currently nostalgic and resembles retro-futurism. Custom candle boxes feature a bright blue, silver, white, and soft neon background with geometric shapes adding a dynamic edge.


Customers want to feel happy if we can conclude anything about the packaging design trends for 2023 from the serene color palettes, lovable characters, and nostalgic imagery. You can perform A/B testing on your product packaging to determine which design is more popular with customers and how to modify your offering for various markets.

Customers want to buy things that give them a beautiful, loved appearance. Printing customized artwork with animated graphics on the packaging boxes can improve branding looks. The design offers a choice of colors and greatly improves the packaging’s appeal. Digital printing, inkjet printing, and UV printing are some of the most often used methods for creating personalized boxes.